wtorek, 09 września 2014
Taki laser jest w stanie zestrzelić każdy samolot nad Ukrainą, czy na dowolnej, innej ścieżce
Stefan Kosiewski
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Taki laser jest w stanie zestrzelić każdy samolot nad Ukrainą,
czy na dowolnej, innej ścieżce/ kliknij w obrazek,
obejrzyj film, jak działo działa

Boeings Laserwaffe ist praktisch über all einsetzbar
14:23, kultur , USA
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czwartek, 12 czerwca 2014
How much should we expand Social Security?


2014 has been a watershed year for the movement to address the retirement security crisis by expanding our Social Security system. It seems like every week a new prominent Senator joins our cause or introduces a new bill that expands Social Secuirty benefits, instead of cutting them.

Senator Mark Begich's RAISE Act, which has the support of Senate Leadership through Senator Patty Murray, is just the latest.

The more noise we can make around each of these initiatives, the less room the people who want to dismantle our Social Security system have for their message.

Click here to show your support for giving Social Security a raise!

Thank you,
Alex Lawson
Social Security Works

  Social Security Works  


This afternoon, Senators Mark Begich (D-AK) and Patty Murray (D-WA) will take to the Senate floor to announce exciting new legislation to expand Social Security. The Retirement and Income Security Enhancement Act of 2014 (or RAISE Act) would increase benefits for many divorced spouses and widows or widowers. It would also extend benefits to the children of retired, deceased and disabled workers.

This shows that our efforts are bearing fruit. No longer is congress debating how much to cut Social Security benefits, but how much to expand them. This is Senator Begich’s second piece of expansion legislation, and the addition of Senator Murray to the RAISE Act is a major development. As a member of Democratic leadership, Senator Murray’s co-sponsorship signals a significant shift within the Democratic Party.

Republicans and Wall Street billionaires can no longer claim that Social Security expansion is a fringe issue. With Democratic leadership behind this bill, it is clear that more and more politicians are standing with the American people.

Join Social Security Works and the Alliance for Retired Americas in calling on members of the U.S. Senate to co-sponsor the RAISE Act today!

The RAISE Act would:

  • Enhance benefits for divorced spouses who were married less than ten years
  • Enhance benefits for widows and widowers by establishing insured status as retired workers, and creating an alternative benefit to reflect the survivor’s own worker benefit and the Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) of the deceased spouse.
  • Extend benefit eligibility for children of retired, disabled or deceased workers if the child is in high school, college or vocational school

This is an incredible opportunity to expand benefits for those most in need while asking the wealthy to pay their fair share. Click here and call on your Senators to become co-sponsors of the RAISE Act today!

Our elected officials in Washington are hearing us, but we must continue raising our voices and making it clear: Expand, don’t cut Social Security!

Thank you for all that you do.

Michael Phelan
Deputy Director
Social Security Works



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Subject: How much should we expand Social Security?
16:49, kultur , USA
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środa, 01 stycznia 2014
Sunday, January, 5, 2014 Chicago - You are invited to the Rogala Open Studio

  otwierając prezentację artystyczną Mirka w Szczawnicy w 1977 r.

zapowiadałem Przyszłość Jego Sztuce Link, Miroslaw Rogala

BUY ART AS A GIFT! Sunday, January, 5, 2014 Chicago - You are invited to the Rogala Open Studio

  • Miroslaw Rogala, Ph.D. Miroslaw Rogala, Ph.D.


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    • Stefan Kosiewski Stefan Kosiewski
17:19, kultur , USA
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czwartek, 28 listopada 2013
H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G, 2013

H A P P Y   T H A N K S G I V I N G, 2013


Joachim S. Russek
The Judaica Foundation
Center for Jewish Culture

13:32, kultur , USA
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sobota, 27 lipca 2013
Sign your name and wish President Obama a happy birthday!

You’re one of our best supporters -- so you might already know that President Obama’s birthday is right around the corner. Over 185,000 supporters have already signed our birthday card for the President!!!

Stefan -- will you add your name? Click here to automatically sign our birthday card for Barack >>

Let’s get 250,000 signatures for Barack before his big day:



Democratic Headquarters


18:48, kultur , USA
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czwartek, 25 lipca 2013
Merkel auf der Seite des Überwachungsstaates, EU-Kommission auf der des Finanzfaschismus
In Washington DC findet gegenwärtig die Schlacht statt, von deren Ergebnis es aller Voraussicht nach abhängen wird, ob die globale Krise in einen mörderischen Finanzfaschismus und baldige thermonukleare Auslöschung der menschlichen Gattung führen wird, oder ob es schon kurzfristig möglich sein wird, zuerst in den USA und dann in europäischen Nationen sowie weiteren Teilen der Welt das Trennbankensystem in der Tradition F.D. Roosevelts durchzusetzen. In diesen Tagen und Wochen, in denen alle Insider in Kürze den nächsten Mega-Crash erwarten, wird es auf beiden Seiten des Atlantik kristallklar, welche Politiker und welche Medien auf der Seite des Gemeinwohls der Bevölkerung stehen, und wer sich zum Büttel der Finanzoligarchie und des angloamerikanischen Überwachungsstaates machen läßt. [...]
Gesamten Artikel hier lesen & verbreiten »

Wichtige Neuigkeiten

21:19, kultur , USA
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środa, 03 lipca 2013
Cimmited to Keeping a Democatic Majority in the Senate

Help defeat Mitch McConnell. Stand with Alison.
Stefan -- Huge news:

Mitch McConnell, the nation’s most destructive Senator, will be challenged by Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes. She has a giant base of support, and a recent poll shows this race is a toss-up: McConnell (R) 45 - Grimes (D) 45.

But a Karl Rove-linked Super PAC has already promised to “set spending records” to keep McConnell in office. If we’re going to beat McConnell and win Kentucky, we’ve got to stand with Grimes as she takes him on.

SIGN THE PETITION: If you want to defeat Mitch McConnell, stand with his Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes immediately.

Your Action History
Last petition signed: 02/06/2013
Challenging McConnell: Signature Pending »

Mitch McConnell has already led a whopping 412 filibusters. After tearing down everything we stand for and bringing our country to a complete standstill, he’s the least popular Senator in America.

We can defeat McConnell -- but it’s going to take a lot of hard work, and we need you on board. Will you add your name?


Thanks for your support,
Guy Cecil
Executive Director, DSCC
Contribute Now
03:00, kultur , USA
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piątek, 14 czerwca 2013
Sign President Obama’s Father’s Day card, and we’ll pass your message along.
Stefan — Will you wish President Obama a Happy Father’s Day? https://www.dscc.org/fathers-day-card

After extending health coverage to 30 million Americans, fighting for marriage equality, and creating 6 million new jobs, President Obama deserves a great day. 
Let’s get 50,000 signatures on President Obama’s card! Sign President Obama’s Father’s Day card, and we’ll pass your message along.

I know he’ll love it.

Guy Cecil
04:47, kultur , USA
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niedziela, 09 czerwca 2013
W miejscowosci Mount Kisco, NY 15-go i 16-go Czerwca 2013 odbeda sie mecze tenisa ziemnego o nagrody ufundowane przez BMW

W okolicach Nowego Jorku w miejscowosci Mount Kisco, NY -  zostanie rozegrany otwarty turniej tenisa ziemnego. W niedaleko polozonym od Hudson River  "Willbrook Swim & Tennis Club" 15go i 16go Czerwca 2013' odbeda sie mecze tenisa ziemnego o nagrody ufundowane przez firme BMW - zapraszamy.

O nastepnych imprezach bedziemy informowac systematycznie poprzez droge emailowa i media polonijne USA.
Polish American Sports Association
18:28, kultur , USA
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sobota, 25 maja 2013
Stand with President Obama and the middle class on student loan rates: Automatically sign your name today>>

Stefan --

President Obama just threatened to veto legislation by House Republicans that could more than DOUBLE student loan rates.

This bill would hurt college students and their families -- especially those who struggle most to afford a college education. President Obama's not afraid to call out House Republicans when they go against middle class families. And you shouldn't be either:

Stand with President Obama and the middle class on student loan rates: Automatically sign your name today>>

We can't let House Republicans double student loan rates for hundreds of thousands of students across the country.

Show House Republicans that you stand with President Obama:



Democratic Headquarters

01:41, kultur , USA
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