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the 14th goEast starts on April 9th 2014.

„Young, wild, expressive“ – Festival Preview

goEastStand by for storm and stress when the 14th goEast starts on April 9th 2014. The 14th edition of goEast offers one week of exciting, engaged, often socially critically author-director cinema from Central and Eastern Europe. The heart of the festival is the Competition running ten feature films and six documentaries, resulting in everyone asking the same question: And the winner is…? As in previous years, such decisions lie in the competent hands of the international specialist juries responsible for distributing prizes worth 40,000 euros in total.

The 2014 festival sees the launch of the new Open Frame Award (5,000 euros), which is sponsored by the BHF-BANK Foundation and aims to establish a platform for experimental film and video art.

Also new is the goEast Development Award, which will reward the best project idea from the East-West Talent Lab with 3,500 euros.

The international festival jury awards four prizes in the scope of the goEast Competition.

The ŠKODA Film Award (10,000 euro), the Documentary Award “Remembrance and Future” donated by the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (10,000 euro), the Award of the City of Wiesbaden for Best Director (7,500 euro), and the Award of the Federal Foreign Office for “artistic originality which creates cultural diversity” (4,000 euro). The FIPRESCI Jury also awards the International Film Critic’s Award. For the eighth time already the Robert Bosch Stiftung, in cooperation with goEast, awards the Film Prize for International Cooperation to talented young filmmakers from Germany and Eastern Europe. Up to three ambitious projects will be selected by an independent jury in the categories animation, documentary and short fiction film and granted awards worth as many as 210,000 euro in total.

East-West Talent Lab

goEast creates a new forum for the festival’s own promotion of young filmmakers
The East-West Talent Lab, initiated in 2014, champions the networking of filmmakers, artists, and film students from Central and Eastern European countries and Germany (with an emphasis on the Rhine-Main region). An Experimental Film and Video Art Competition is its primary focus. The lab offers a space for learning beyond institutional and geographical borders. Workshops and master classes foster the creative exchange between participants. In the end, the newly created goEast Development Award beckons for the best project idea. The East-West Talent Lab is supported by the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain and the BHF-BANK Foundation.

goEast Symposium: Nouvelle Vague Polonaise? Tracing a film-historical Phenomenon
The CruiseWhile in France directors like François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard turned their backs on traditional topics and stuffy habits, there were similar developments of auteur films in Eastern Europe. goEast embarks on the search for parallels in Poland and in doing so returns several film classics to the silver screen. Roman Polański’s KNIFE IN THE WATER / NÓŻ W WODZIE as well as Jerzy Skolimowski‘s IDENTIFICATION MARKS: NONE / RYSOPIS and BARRIER / BARIERA from the years 1962 to 1967 were recognized by critics in the West as milestones of a newly forming “Polish Nouvelle Vague”. These filmic witnesses of the rebellion and subversion form a pop cultural bracket that connects cinematic art on both sides of the Iron Curtain. Presentations, a panel, and an accompanying film program illuminate the “Nouvelle Vague Polonaise” on the goEast Symposium. The discussion about related developments in Eastern and Western European countries promises interesting debates.

goEast Portrait: Małgorzata Szumowska
Małgorzata SzumowskaThe forty-year-old Pole Małgorzata Szumowska can already look back on a lively career: she received prizes and nominations for her achievements as a director in Locarno, at the European Film Prize and the Berlinale and much recognition, for her screenplays as well as for her achievement as co-producer of Lars von Trier‘s ANTICHRIST (2009). With her second feature film STRANGER / ONO (2004) Szumowska was awarded the prize for best director in the goEast competition 2005. Now, nine years later her work will be shown in a retrospective. A wide selection of her films will be presented, from the remarkable debut HAPPY MAN / SZCZĘŚLIWY CZŁOWIEK (2000) to the great successes such as ELLES / ELLES (2011) or IN THE NAME OF / W IMIĘ ... (2013).


BEYOND BELONGINGThe fourth BEYOND BELONGING section tackles phenomena that marked day-to-day life and politics in the period after the fall of the communist regimes in Eastern Europe. After the foregoing themes of “Migration", “Protest", and “Gender", the 2014 BEYOND BELONGING examines the specific worlds of life and work in the “post-communist era" – and also questions the validity of the political categorization. Running under the title  “Socialism – Utopia revisited", the section looks at blueprints for post-communist identity, at the dominance of neo-liberal social orders, and at the widening gulf between rich and poor.


KILLING TIMETwo men in a vacant, not yet occupied new building. They are hit men, waiting for their next target. The hours go by. Little by little, they start losing their patience and their temper. The moodier, more experienced killer throws his weight around and accuses his partner of being an unprofessional country bumpkin who lacks the know-how and the finesse required by the job. Then the second killer moves front stage, showing himself to be far more ruthless, unscrupulous, and brutal than he initially seemed. At the end of their tether, the men may even lose their lives. Killing time can be a deadly affair. A tribute to Quentin Tarantino.

Romania 2012, 95 Min., OV with english subtitles
director: Florien Piersic Jr.
screenplay: Florien Piersic Jr.
cinematography: Cristian Stan
music: Karl Ritter

with Florian Piersic Jr., Cristian Ioan Gutau, Olimpia Melinte, Florin Zamfirescu

Tuesday, 11.02.2014, 8 pm, Caligari FilmBühne Wiesbaden

Call for Entry: East-West Talent Lab

Till February 18th 2014 students of directing and producing classes, graduates, as well as young filmmakers and artists from Germany and Eastern Europe have the opportunity to apply for goEast’s new young professionals programme – East-West Talent Lab. Each year 30 places are available. Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years old. The language of communication at the East-West Talent Lab is English. The East-West Talent Lab is supported by the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain and the BHF-BANK Foundation. For further information please download the entry form.

Meet goEast at Berlinale

Gaby Babić, Festival Director
from 10th to 14th

Stefan Adrian, Executive Director
from 8th to 12th

Markus Reuter, Programme Coordinator
from 8th to 13th

Anne von der Gönne, Head of Press
from 9th to 11th

 KILLING TIME, Regie: Florien Piersic Jr. am Dienstag, 11.02.2014; 20.00 Uhr; Caligari FilmBühne, Wiesbaden

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Bis zum 18.02.2014 haben FilmhochschulstudentInnen, junge Filmschaffende und KünstlerInnen aus Deutschland und aus den Ländern Mittel- und Osteuropas die Möglichkeit sich für das neue Nachwuchsförderungsprogramm von goEast, das East-West Talent Lab, zu bewerben. Es werden 30 Plätze an BewerberInnen im Alter von 18 bis 35 Jahren vergeben. Die Lab-Sprache ist Englisch. Das East-West Talent Lab wird vom Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain und der BHF-BANK-Stiftung gefördert. Das Bewerbungsformular und weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.


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